One time I shattered my phone screen and couldn't play LLSIF for a week. On that same night I muttered the lyrics to Anone Ganbare and cried myself to sleep.

I enjoy tiering events in LLSIF, Bandori and Enstars, which are archived on my carrd (´・ω・`)

【 accounts 】

  • μ/sunbagel (active JP) main account ∙ T3 for most events, T2 for best girls
  • sunbagel (retired WW) 2015-2019 ∙ will I return?? maybe for Hanayo
  • kayozura (inactive JP) oshimen challenge for Hanayo & Hanamaru ∙ the wishlist tab indicates which cards were "sacrificed"
  • Sarita (inactive WW) baby's first SIF account, lost it's transfer code ;w;
    bio last updated: 2020/01/19

4 accounts: