Heyo! I'm Shiny, though some people might know me as Lyn, Lyni, or Kyu. I'm a pixel artist and spriter, and yes, I'm the one who made the pixel sprites of the girls you see around the site. I'm constantly making more of them, so if you have requests for specific cards/sets/outfits you want to see, please send me a message and let me know! I'm also one of the staff members at, and here's a link to my profile!

I'm currently in college studying majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics. I love LLSIF, my JP Main account is my main and I recently traded my EN account, though I'm keeping the data here for sentimental purposes. My other main fandoms are KagePro, D.Gray-Man, Danganronpa, and Pokemon.

I have a preference for Aqours over Muse, but only slightly. In order from best to least, my best girls for each group are:

Aqours - Yohane, Riko, Mari, You, Hanamaru, Chika, Kanan, Ruby, Dia

Muse - Nico, Hanayo, Kotori, Rin, Maki, Honoka, Nozomi, Umi, Eli

This isn't to say the girls at the end of my list are bad; I love all of them, I just like some of the girls more than others.

Favorite Sets (in no particular order): - SLG Idolized - Constellation Idolized/Unidolized - January Idolized - March Idolized/Unidolized - July Idolized/Unidolized - μ's Halloween Unidolized/Idolized - Marine Unidolized - Animal v2 Unidolized - Ball Idolized/Unidolized - Circus Idolized - Fairyland Unidolized - Dancer Idolized - Aqours Halloween V1 Unidolized/Idolized - Birthstone Unidolized - Aqours Cheerleader Idolized - Pyjama Party Unidolized - Haregi Idolized/Unidolized - Flower Bouquet - Wonderland Unidolized - Pirate Unidolized - Angel Unidolized/Idolized

My dream UR is Cyber Nico! I'm praying she comes home to be someday...

Feel free to just talk to me, I promise I don't bite! ^^


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