Series Wise

I initially checked out the anime due to seeing it everywhere and being a fan of idol series ([email protected] being one of the first to introduce me to the genre). Unfortunately, I didn't have a smartphone until some months ago and instantly got to installing the game when I did. And I've been hooked ever since.

While my best girl is Maki, I also include Nico and Nozomi for my top three.

Game Wise

I started playing around the time of the Vegas Nozomi promo, making my first event the Hiking Honoka Token Event and achieved tier 2 during that (somehow).

Since then I've only really been playing casually. Most of the accounts here are now abandoned, save for the Hanamaru UR account. So if you'd like to add, add that one please :)


I can be found mostly on Twitter under @espurrs, where I babble about games and stuff (namely League of Legends, other MOBAs, FFXIV). I also have a tumblr, though it's not used as much these days.


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