I'm the kind of person that accidentally sets fire to tea towels.

New IDs for my WW accounts:

友 Abbey: 232489621

友 Laurel: 390614640

Best Girls:

μ's: Honoka

Aqours: Yohane

Nijigasaki: Emma, Kanata

Liella: Kanon, KeKe and I guess possibly Kinako hmm...


I've started to keep track of my scores here

LeftHanded Products for my fellow lefties

I have a UV sensitivity/allergy meaning I have to be in the shade or darkness a lot, ironically Garlic (and onions) makes me sick. I don't like blood though....

*I'm on UK time so I'm active around 10am to 11:30pm but not necessarily daily. *

I somehow got a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.

Other games I play:

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Other game(s) I play:

Genshin Impact

Best Girl(s): Xinyan (Pyro, Claymore, Shield) , Barbara (Hydro, Catalyst, Healer)

Best Boy(s): Xiao (Anemo, Polearm, dps), Kazuha (anemo, sword, support), Heizou (Anemo, catalyst even tho he aint out yet - he punches people)

Current Team: Ayaka, Zhongli, Yae Miko, Sucrose

My 5 Star weapons so far: - Skyward Atlas (Catalyst) - Freedom-Sworn (Sword) - Primordial Jade Spear - Haran Geppaku Futsu (Sword)


4 accounts: