I'm the kind of person that accidentally sets fire to tea towels.


I've started to keep track of my scores here

LeftHanded Products for my fellow lefties

I have a UV sensitivity/allergy meaning I have to be in the shade or darkness a lot, ironically Garlic (and onions) makes me sick. I don't like blood though....

*I'm on UK time so I'm active around 10am to 11:30pm but not necessarily daily. *

I somehow got a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.


If you're in a dark place, reach out to mental health teams for help, it could be therapy in any form (counselling etc). Your mental health is just as important as physical health. There's nothing wrong with reaching out for help.

Toxic behaviour is toxic no matter who or what side it comes from, don’t be that person. Rise above it.

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Some facts about me;

I am very left handed, I only use my right hand for SIF, and texting. I was frequently hit and berated by school teachers at a young age for using my left hand and was made to use my right, it left me with acute dyslexia and anxiety. This was literally in the early 2000's.

I like dyeing my hair, my natural colour is Very Dark Brown with random White and Blonde streaks, I've achieved brights colours without bleaching (it takes a long time though.)

Colours I've dyed;

° Red - Brand - Superdrug, liked this dye but got a bit bored after Rihanna started trending it and was constantly asked "Did you dye it to match Rihanna?" No if you're wondering, I just didn't want to be called Alma or the 'girl from the ring' anymore with my natural colour.

° Dark Purple - Brand -Schwarpzkopf(?) this brand gave me a rash, had to let my natural colour regrow fully before dyeing again (took a couple of years with long hair.)

° Blonde - a 10 minute dye worked better than the 30 minutes dye. Brands - both Superdrug in Platinum.

° Rose Gold (one of my favourites as it made my pale skin look slightly darker more pale tanned) Brand - Superdrug own brand - definitely recommend.

° Rose Red (it was more a darker pink. Brand - Directions had to top up after 3 weeks.

° Flamingo Pink (brighter than the rose red but didn't last as long) Brand - Directions - would not recommend, lasted 3 cold washes. (1 and a half week)

° Magenta Dream and Pink Pizazz mixed (a bright pink and lasted 2 MONTHS! Had to dye it out - honestly recommend for long lasting pink - so I could dye it the next colour.) Brand - Colour Freedom

° Tropical Aqua - was supposed to be a blue green but came out very blue, has started to fade out into the blue green though. Brand - Colour Freedom ( this colour does not go away, It took 5 months to be rid of it. Salt and chlorinated water from swimming got rid of most of it.)

°Currently back on the Magenta Dream by Colour Freedom

I have 2 cats, Lord Stormicus, Demon Lord of the Underworld and Purrveyor of Doom & Lord Alsanicus the Brave. (Storm and Aslan traditionally.) they help me around the garden in the spring and summer when I'm planting and growing fruits, veg, and flowers. Last year I bought them a Cat Mint which they seem to like. In the autumn and winter, they love have more snuggles and like jumping into bed in the morning (even though they aren't allowed upstairs.)

I'm not a confident person and I don't believe I ever will be, I like to try and raise other people's though. Much like when someone's eyes sparkle and cheerful, animated voice when they fan ramble about something they enjoy, you see and feel their warmth is something I like seeing in others. It always saddens me when they apologise though, I know all too well the feeling of opening up about something that you enjoy for someone to turn round and "shoot you down" with 'I don't care." It hurts and it's unfair, which is why I do my best to uplift them.

I don't mind people messaging me as long as its not inappropriate.


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