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((友 RiniRuby is the account i post from))

EN 483/1000 Gems saved for Rin's Birthday

JP 13/750 Gems saved for Chika's Birthday

My Bandori.Party My Carrd

My baebro ♥

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I'm RiniRuby, but please call me Rini! My best girls are Rin, Chika and Kasumi! I have no worst girls cause I love them all too much;;

Also, if you're new to EnStars I will teach you everything you need to know! Just ask away, I love helping people ♥

I'm also staff for the upcoming site Ensemble Festival!! Be sure to say hi to me there once it's up~♥

Aqours -

1. Chika 2. Ruby/Kanan/You 3. Hanamaru/Yoshiko 4. Dia/Mari 5. Riko Imgur

µ -

1. Rin 2. Nico 3. Honoka 4. Maki 5. Kotori 6. Nozomi 7. Umi 8. Hanayo 9. Eli Imgur


1. Kasumi 2. Karin 3. Ai 4. Rina 5. Setsuna 6. Kanata 7. Ayumu 8. Shizuku 9. Emma Imgur

I have a discord so hmu if you wanna talk there! RiniRuby#4201

First Rin UR(Constellation) scouted on 1/17/17

Fairy Rin UR scouted on 9/22/17

Pajama Rin UR scouted on 2/21/18

Pirate Rin UR scouted on 4/20/18

March Rin UR scouted on 6/22/18

Cheerleader Rin UR scouted on 8/25/18

First Chika UR(Cheer) scouted on 4/21/17

Cyber Chika UR scouted on 7/8/17

Summer Beach Chika UR scouted on 2/2/18

Christmas Chika UR scouted on 11/30/18

First 5* scouted in EnStars (Rainy Season Rei) on 11/18/17


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