The one who wanders in the middle of idol hell and bullet hell and spike hell

Name : Yuki Promenence (Prome)

First Live Failed : Beat in Angel (Normal)

First EX Clear : Wonderzone

First EX FC : Nightingale Love Song

First Random EX Clear : Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita!

First Random EX FC : Mermaid Festa Vol. 1

First Daily Song EX Clear : Beat in Angel

First Daily Song EX FC : Yume naki Yume wa Yume ja nai

First Flaming Random Clear : Kodaku na Heaven

First Flaming Random FC : Music S.T.A.R.T!!

First MASTER Clear : Bokura no Live kimi no to Life

First MASTER FC : Yuujou no Change

=My Achievements so far=

  • SSS on an Expert Song

  • Clear at least 125 EX Songs

  • Cleat at least 50 MASTER Songs

  • FC at least 50 Random Note EX Song

  • FC all current Muse EX songs

  • FC all current Aqours EX songs

  • FC 3x EX Medley on all attribute

  • FC at least 25 MASTER Songs

  • Reach Rank 250

  • Idolized an SR

  • Idolized an UR

  • Attribute team consists of SSR/UR Member

  • Tri-color UR

  • Reach Rank 500 on Event

  • Reach 250,000 Event Points

  • Got 100 SR's

  • Got 15 UR's

  • Get 1,600 Combos

FC Chalfest Round 1-5 in 1 run

=My Goals=

  • Have a UR of my best girl

  • Reach Rank 300

  • Reach Rank 100 on events

I'll update my profile soon >,<


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