Kory. 24. Trans masculine. He/him. Right, so, I started playing Love live in December of 2015 because I /finally/got a smartphone. Now I can't stop playing.

I'm an active T1er on the JP server & have t1ed in almost every event since Medley Festival Round 12. It's probably the reason why my rank is way over 1,000 in four years. My EN account is more of my casual account, lmfao.

My best girls are Umi, Mari and Yohane. I won't raise a fuss if you call her "Yoshiko", but it'll probably bug me.

I also play Idolish7, Ensemble Stars, Band Yarouze!, Anidol Colors, Dorifes (RIP), Ichu, Shining Live, a3, and occasionally Yumecast, Bang Dream, Deresute, Starevo & T7s.

Please note I'm hard to make friends with and reply very slow or not at all. Just keep that in mind if you follow me.

EVENTS I T1ED (outdated):

Medley Festival Round 12 Children's Day Nozomi Score Match Does the Night Sky Know Everything? Token Event, Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss! token event.

Events I t2ed.

I Wanna See you Everyday (EN)

Challenge Festival Round 2. Score Match Round 27 研究が必要です token event. Medley Festival Round 14.

Events I t3ed.

Challenge Festival Round 3. Medley Festival Round 13. Challenge Festival Round 4.

Events I did not tier in but got the event card:

Suki Suki Puwa Puwa (u_u) Score Match Round 17 (en) Score Match Round 16 (en). Medley Festival Round 3 (en). A Song of Love (en).


4 accounts: