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Aqours Muse

PDP: Ai > Kasumi > Emma > Ayumu > Shizuku > Setsuna > Karin > Rina > Kanata

FRIENDShips...HanaRiko-ChiKanan-YoshiDia-RubyMari-HonoMaki-NozoRin |


  • ✔ UR Pair with my friend: achieved on 9th of June 2o17, Dancer Kotori and Dancer Rin

  • ✔ Tricolor on JP - Achieved on 31th of July 2o17, Thank you Riko!

  • ✔ UR Pair - Achieved on 31th of July 2o17, Angel Pair!

  • ✔ T1 RubyRiko ScoreMatch

  • ✔ Get 30 URs! Thank you, You-chan!

  • ✔ Get a limited UR! - Achieved on Jan 6th, 2o19, AC Dia-chan!

  • ✔ Get a limited UR of a best girl! - Achieved on April 5th, 2o19, 6th Anniversary Nico!

  • ✔ Get tricolor URs of all Printemps members! - Achieved on August 5th, 2o19!

  • ✔ Get 50 URs - Achieved on August 16th, 2o19!

  • ✔ Get a UR of every Aqours Girl! Achieved on November 5th, 2019! Thanks for finally showing up, Chika!

  • ✔ FC all Expert songs!

  • FC all Master songs! 40/53 Aqours, 55/106 Muse

  • Get all regular SSRs of Hanamaru! 7/9, Cheer, Flower missing

  • Get all SSRs of Kanan! 11/14, Christmas V1, V3, Easter missing

  • Get all regular SSRs of Riko! 8/10, Christmas, Farmer missing

  • Get tricolor URs of all GK members! Smile Mari still missing...

  • Get all Hanayo cards! 23/70 SR, 6/6 SSR, 9/19 UR

  • Complete Time Travel Set (Chika), Wonderland Set (You), Summer Beach (You, Chika)|* Complete Sets: *Angel, Circus, Valentine V2, Halloween V2

  • Do all steps in Hanayo's, Kanan's, Maru's, Nico's, ~~Honoka's~~ (moved to Starlight Sailor) Kotori's and Riko's Birthday box in 2o19!

LAST SR PURGE WAS ON: 2nd of November, 2019

I am also into Bandori! Add me there too : | JP-90133681 | EN-1674237 |


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