[shakes fist at WW server] where is my 7-Eleven Riko Promo UR? Please free her.

Tiering: Rank 5 in ChikaRiko Score Match (WW) -- Song Ranking: Rank 48

Saving scouting tickets for future limited boxes (focusing on cards for Kotori, Riko, and Chika); waiting for Aqours sticker shop (especially for Fairytale Riko); BT scouts every few months usually after a Kotori, Chika, or Riko UR comes out.

Going to T1 as many events as I can outside of Score Match, but putting more focus into Kotori, Riko, and Chika's events. Still aiming towards at least T2 for everyone else, but will T1 if I can.

Best girls for μ's are Kotori and Rin; for Aqours: Riko, Chika, and Hanamaru. Favorite sub-units are Lily White and Azalea.

old JP account is gone. New account on JP is a Maru/Rin oshimen account!


3 accounts: