Eli best girl♡

Tricolor Eli UR on Sept 20th, 2017.

Dream UR (Thief Eli) is home. No more big scout after Eli's solbox until Pirate Eli. 🙏

9/10 of Eli UR in WW Server on Dec 1st, 2017.

Decks are not updated.

My journey in Eli's events:

  • 1st event (Weary Princess): 994th place
  • 2nd event (I'm Gonna Get You!): 58th place
  • 3rd event (Just Between Us (SID)): 48th place
  • 4th event (14th SM): Tier 1
  • 5th event (3rd MF): Tier 1
  • 6th event (19th SM): Tier 1
  • 7th event (8th MF): not participated (hiatus)
  • 8th event (Last solo event, Rock Eli): 9th place - 636,636 pts
  • 9th event (13th MF): 3rd place - 1,211,907 pts

☆Current goals:

  • Ranked #1 in an Eli's event (impossible at my current state)

  • Complete the 1st batch of Eli's URs (8/9 now)

  • Rank 500


2 accounts: