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tfw UR Chika on all 3 accounts, but no UR You...

Sometimes my EN account is called longcat.

I main EN, play JP for fun. Adding my JP account now but like, might not keep it 100% up to date. I'm a mod on /r/schoolidolfestival. Favorites are Alpaca, Erena, Eli, You, and Seira. \o/ I accept friend requests on EN and JP main only if I know you and chat with you, or if you have a UR center and are an active player. Inactive people I don't know get deleted. Feel free to message me wherever but let me know who you are so I don't ignore you. =3 For JP secondary I will accept requests FCFS for those with a UR center only.

I added a new JP account which I started on the 4.0 update. I DID NOT REROLL, I got the UR on my first 10+1 and the SSR on my second 10+1 with new player and farmed gems from goals, expert songs, etc. I just got lucky. That third account has no money put into it at all.

Best way to contact me is reddit (/u/yaycupcake), Twitter (@XinChun93), or Discord (Sei#2975).


3 accounts: