Lia | 19 y/o | Italy | INFP | crybaby
Hufflepuff & Thunderbird | Neutral Good


I prefer Aqours over μ's, you can kill me now.



Hanayo > Rin > Nozomi > Nico = Honoka = Kotori > Umi > Eli > Maki


Kanan > Mari > Hanamaru = You > Dia = Chika > Ruby = Yoshiko = Riko

I sold my soul to Emma, Kanata, Ai and Karin.

Ranpha, Rakshata, Isabella, Fumi, Rika, Nagi, Sayuri and too many N girls have conquered my heart.

Every girl is absolutely amazing and deserves love


Best sub-units are Lily White and AZALEA.

My favourite sets are Dancer and Pirate (μ's), Autumn and Punk Rock (Aqours)... but the truth is I like so many sets that I can't decide.

I'm in love with KanaMari, RinPana, ChikaYou and RubyLeah. KanaDiaMari is my guilty pleasure and I ship Kanan with almost everyone, myself included. Give me a rare pair and I'll move the world ❤

I actually don't really like NicoMaki.


I love writing but not in English, I can't do edits and I'm not good at drawing... but when it's time to appreciate something nobody can stop me. So, I'll just write a bunch of cards appreciation posts and I'll spread love towards this site ❤


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