Random Facts

Free-to-play since 2013 :)

Always aiming for Maki cards, as well as idolizing Soldier Game trio event SRs for JP version

Random Thoughts

I don't have the time to play all three of my accounts anymore. I decided to focus on my account that has the cards that I like the most. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to be inactive in my high-leveled account as well as in EN :(

Random Events

4/16/2015 I finally got a UR of Maki. I LOVE THIS GAME

4/30/2015 Ticket gave me UR Kotori on EN. Yey~

5/31/2015 Just got the new UR Maki on my higher leveled account!

7/31/2015 First ever Scouting Coupon gave me UR Honoka on EN!


10/22/2015 350 love gems and 10 coupons only got me UR Initial Rin. It's been fun EN version but I'm afraid I have to go for now.

10/31/2015 Right after the Eli event... I get an Eli UR from voucher scouting! YES

11/1/2015 No turning back. I sacrificed three of my URs (Initial Honoka, Initial Maki (T.T) and Constellation Rin) to get the card I wanted the most - Constellation Maki.

11/14/2015 Somehow Solo Yolo'd a UR Kayo-chin on my higher leveled account. Still no proper Cool UR in sight.

11/26/2015 I got another copy of UR Initial Nico. This is my third on the same account. This particularly Nico loves me.

2/22/2016 First voucher draw for the year and I was able to idolize my dream Eli UR! Wedding Dress Eli is a great (albeit late) way to start 2016!

4/6/2016 Been putting off scouting until after the Final Live. Got a Honoka UR for my troubles.

4/15/2016 With all the free loveca, I decided to load up my older account and lo and behold! I scouted SLG UR Eli.

4/17/2016 Again on the more or less abandoned account, but the amount of free loveca (+ 2 sacrificed SRs) got me another voucher draw. The result is that I was able to idolize my Christmas Eli. Wish I had her in my more active account but I'm happy as is.

7/12/2016 The Aqours update brought varying degrees of luck to my accounts. The free 50 loveca stones also gave me a chance to reroll some accounts. The result is a new account I"m planning to play on the side

7/15/2016 Fifth time's the charm! Finally scouted a UR Chika on my main. It feels really good!

9/20/2016 Scouting drought and real life made me update my profile here less. I'll probably get back to this by next month. In the mean time I idolized my UR Chika and I got a UR Kanan from a ticket!

9/21/2016 vouchers got me a UR Nozomi! Suddenly my luck is looking good again

12/02/2016 I tried 5x 10+1 scouts for You. I got another Initial UR Chika instead. That's something


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