Hey! My name is Eli (seriously) and I'm a huge fan of the Love Live! franchise! My pronouns are she/her and I'm 16 years old, I hope we will get along!

My best girl is for sure Honoka, but I also love Maki, Nozomi, and Nico! I don't really care for Aqours much but if I had to pick a best girl it would probably be Dia, with Mari, Kanan and Yohane coming in close seconds.

I barely ever scout in the Aqours box because to me μ's will always be the center of my heart. I'm still hyped for season 2 of Sunshine however! I'm looking forward to see if my opinion on Aqours will change or not!~

My original best girl was Nico, but I started playing the game before I watched the anime. After watching the anime my best girl immediately changed to Honoka, I just love her so much. I still love Nico a lot as well, though! Now for Aqours, Yohane was definitely my original best girl but after we got to see more of the 3rd years, I started to like Dia more, so best Aqours girl? Best Aqours girl.



Honoka - Maki - Nozomi = Nico - Eli - Pana - Rin - Umi - Kotori
HonoMaki // Printemps // NicoPana


That's pretty much it as I can not think of nothing more to say about myself, haha! I guess to end this, I hope everyone has an amazing day and may you be blessed with your dream UR! Bye!~


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