after the dreaded phone reset of 2017, my original EN (now Worldwide) and JP accounts were lost. understanding that the JP version was much more advanced and updated more regularly, i decided to only make a new JP with mari as my center account to restart my quest to become a gay idol collector.

after realizing my gay cannot simply be contained in one version, i downloaded the WW version on march 26th, 2018, and, because it was in maintenance for 12 hours (did they fix the hacking, or just add a slight new feature?) finally created a new account that on march 27th, 2018, with a dia center (if i could download another, u would bet i'd rep my girl kanan).

i am a third year supremacist for both groups but especially aqours: kanadiamari are canon gay, and that's fact, but nozoeli are also canon and nico deserves more.

nozomi & mari are my best girls respectively, but when it comes to aqours, dia and kanan are so close in 2nd they're practically in mari's a

my name is prince and welcome to love live jackass


4 accounts: