Jessica a.k.a @IReallyNeedDeath on SIT made me have this as my icon.

Finally decided to get a fucking bio

Hi! My name is MaruKitty and my posts are hot garbage.

I recommend watching all these with headphones MAXED in volume
  • ☆15
  • ☆That one person that's guilty of having least favorite girls in their rankings, cause I love them all.
  • ☆She/Her
  • ☆Bi
  • ☆Plankton
  • ☆Most likely to get a B+ in math without having to study
  • ☆Lowkey wants to go to Nihonland to buy Hanamaru and Yurio Nendoroids EDIT: GOT THEM AAAAAA :)
  • ☆Most likely to fail in PD/H/PE again. (sex is a disturbing topic i don't want to study, okay?)
  • ☆Maki > Kotori > Nico > Eli > Nozomi > Rin > Umi > Hanayo > Honoka
  • ☆Hanamaru > Riko > Ruby > Dia > Chika = You > Kanan > Mari > Yoshiko
  • ☆Kanata > Ai = Ayumu> Shizuku = Setsuna > Emma > Rina > Karin = Kasumi (this is yet to be decided)
  • ☆ I liked my Hina icon more...
  • soz if u like riverdale

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