Hello there!!~ My name is Fenbi, and I play LLSIF all the time!

You can find me on YouTube, and the Otonokizaka.org forum! ^w^

Cool teams on both servers are OP. Just that the worst team on JP is Pure, and EN is smile.


5/30/16 - Event SR Honoka GET! Rin/Eli Bloodbath: Tier 1!

Goals: Un-attained JP Get Tri-Color UR Have all Teams SR Plus Get Wedding Honoka EN Get any Smile UR Tri-color Tier for Honoka/Eli Medley Fest

Complete JP One UR!

EN One UR!

Status: Oh god help

Top 3 Girls 1: Rin/Maki 2: Hanayo 3: Honoka/Nozomi/Umi/Kotori


6 accounts: