[X]T2 Apparition Nico

[X]At the very least try to T2/T1 Masquerade Eli

[X]Hopefully get a UR this year ;-;

[ ]T1 all Eli events (starting from jewellery Eli)

[X]Get an Eli UR this year

[X]Get the Angelic Angel Eli promo

Random Facts about Me:

-I can play with all my fingers or my thumbs depending on the device but overall I do better with my thumbs

-I first found out about llsif when I saw an ad for it on a bushiroad themed bus

-I watched the anime in 2014 and I joined llsif around the time when fairytale pana was released.I think the event going on at the time was Honk's SID

-My first event SR was festival Honks (SM)

-My first T2: Rin's SID (Kitty Rin)

K bye for now


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