March 28, 2019, 10:21 p.m.

2019 Kunikida Hanamaru Fan Awards

The winners of 2019 Kunikida Hanamaru Fan Awards are...

#1 Fan Winner - elected by our panel of judges


1400 points
  • Aoi (Artist;Graphic designer;Translator): "Crochet is just so cute... and if it involves Love Live, it's even better! I love how this person mixed their dedication to Hanamaru with their hobby."
  • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "Your outgoing support for Hanamaru is very inspiring! I am absolutely blown away by how adorable your crocheting skills are!! "
  • miss (Member of the judges panel): "The little crochet dolls are so cute! I know textile crafts can be super labor intensive and take a lot of skill and hard work, and they really knocked it out of the ballpark with them!"
  • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff;Donator): "Crochet plushies should be a thing. Everyone should see these."
  • BlakeW1995 (Donator): "Your crochet are fantastic and well-made for Hanamaru to love. Also it's great for you to keep studying Japanese because of her."
  • Kach (School Idol Tomodachi staff;Graphic designer;Translator): "the creativity behind the crochetting struck me the most :) the words are sweet too."

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Runner up Fan Winner


1200 points
  • Aoi (Artist;Graphic designer;Translator): "I love their dedication to Hanamaru! Their art is also really nice and the cookies look so adorable. I want to eat these so bad!"
  • Ganzfeld (Member of the judges panel): "Appreciation of Hanamaru is really shown through this post, with plenty of visuals to show off how much they like Hanamaru."
  • miss (Member of the judges panel): "They show a lot of love and dedication to Maru, and talked extensively about why she means so much to them and what about her they love. Their artwork is gorgeous to boot, and it shows that they put a lot of care into how they portray her"
  • Memoly (School Idol Tomodachi staff): "The effort and passion gone into this post is so wonderful!"

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#3 marylocks123

1100 points
  • rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel): "I really admire how heartfelt this whole post is. I love how each piece of merch they have holds special meaning, and has its own little story. "
  • Yumi (Member of the judges panel): "Your sentiments about Hanamaru are very sweet~ It's always nice to see people become so inspired by their favorite girls! I absolutely adore your drawings and art style too!! Especially the little flower doodles~"
  • Memoly (School Idol Tomodachi staff): "The animations are so cute! And the 304 flowers idea was adorable and showed their true dedication to Hanamaru"
  • Hoshino☆ (Member of the judges panel;School Idol Tomodachi staff): "I love the way they're able to throughly express their love for Hanamaru in words. The way they explain to readers why they love her, how they came to love her and how relatable of a character she is really resonates with a bunch of others (myself being an example). This user made Hanamaru a part of first experiences, which is totally special that they created long lasting memories with someone they love so much! In terms of effort and creativity, their artwork and careful attention to detail (such as 304 flowers) speaks out to us that they've thoroughly put a lot of thought into the art pieces they've made. They give us their passion for Hanamaru in nearly all ways to covey it through a post and to the best of their ability. It made me smile because I felt like I was "let in" their world for a few minutes, and exited with an even bigger one afterward."

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#1 Crowd's Favorite Winner - elected by the community



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Runner up Crowd's Favorite Winner



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Honorable mentions

  • jnguy2 - See activity

    • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff;Donator): "A Hanamaru video game? That's serious devotion."
    • db0 (Developer): "It's really awesome that you made a mini game for Hanamaru! As a fellow developer, I find it really impressive that you were able to make all these game mechanics, the animations are smooth, and the game looks really nice and fun to play. Aside from the game, your trip to Japan looks like it was a lot of fun and full of Hanamaru-love~"
  • vicherrytiapechezx - See activity

    • kyuchiin☆ (Member of the judges panel;Graphic designer): "cute art!! really shows your love for Hanamaru~"
  • ka54 - See activity

    • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff;Donator): "There were so many great entries, but an image of Hanamaru in the library with birthday art on the chalkboard seemed to capture her spirit, and it checked off all the boxes for me. "
  • Ayumu_Maru - See activity

    • db0 (Developer): "At first I thought it was just a regular drawing, but when I saw that you made it with pointillism (which I had to look up :D) I was really impressed. It's a very nice technique and it's a very good idea to use it. It's original and makes your entry stand out. Amazing job!"
  • AnimeSky - See activity

    • miss (Member of the judges panel): "Sky puts a lot of effort into showing his love for Maru, both with playing and tiering in SIF, and in making a shrine for her. Tiering can be really hard, especially when your goal is higher than top 100, but he's always managed to pull through and put in the time and effort for Maru, even when on vacation"
  • db0 - See activity

    • Memoly (School Idol Tomodachi staff): "So many cute drawings, so many cute cosplays, and so much love for Hanamaru!"
  • mukuro.png - See activity

    • db0 (Developer): "I never really saw Hanamaru's tics that way, and reading your entry really opened my eyes and made me see her in a very different, compassionate and loving way. Your entry really showed how not only you are unique as a person, but how unique your relationship with Hanamaru is. That relationship is incredible, and it's incredible to read how much she helped you."
  • fukurou_hime - See activity

    • Aoi (Artist;Graphic designer;Translator): "Really nice art! "

Other participants:

kyokichannn, MeariMary, Puni, marimerimarime, Rikosenpai544, marimerimarime, ktenebria, Rikosenpai544, kurama9tail, Rikosenpai544, kurama9tail, Psycoidol, Sweetemily6123, Diamencik333, smolestidol, JacobNico3, kurama9tail, kibounoshiraha, HappyCookie, Kitkatty, suzumichu, ghostsguide

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