March 26, 2019, 4:02 a.m.


Dearest Hanamaru-chan, Happy Birthday! I wanted to use this chance to say that you have been the absolute best to me, and that I hope you are happily celebrating your birthday with Ruby-chan, Yoshiko-chan, and the rest of Aqours. I wish I could be there to celebrate with everyone too! (´;ω;`)

You have given me the motivation to keep studying Japanese to be able to understand what you say completely. You have always stayed by my side when no one else was able to, just like how fans including myself, will always stay by your side.

I love your selflessness of wanting your friends to shine, and this is something I look up to you for! I am so incredibly jealous of Ruby to have you as her best friend, giving her the push she needed to follow her dream. You have taught me to be grateful with what I have, and that happiness doesn't mean you need to be extremely popular or confident or anything, because that is what I had thought for a long time. Even though loneliness is something we both feel, we both have our own small happinesses, where hers is reading, and mine is crochet. Hanamaru-chan, you and the rest of aqours have inspired me to become more positive, as well as know the joy of spreading happiness to people all over the world through our own hard work! ( ˆoˆ )/

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Hanamaru-chan, even if I'm unable to support you directly, please know that there are many fans out here, including myself, who are willing to offer love and and support like you do to the other members. You've come so far, from a quiet girl content with reading books quietly in a library, to spreading positive energy as a school idol with everyone in aqours. Please don't ever stop being you!

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(i may not be the richest fan in the world, but i'm trying my best to collect as much of you as possible, as a reminder for me that's it's alright for me to love food, to smile everyday, to continue working hard to achieve my dreams and experience things out of my comfort zone. (´∇`) ) (i can't wait to see you and kin-chan shine in the 4th single!) (i love you so much, 謝謝妳陪我 <3) from a normal girl with big dreams and aspirations but doesn't have the confidence to make them come true (´;ω;`) p. s. very special thanks to for hosting this giveaway, you guys are seriously the best! good luck to everyone entering! (๑>◡<๑) thank you to everyone who likes my entry, and for reading until the very end despite me not being great with words. thank you to sakurako kimino for creating the franchise, and for creating hanamaru. thank you to kin-chan for bringing hanamaru to life! lastly, thank you to hanamaru-chan for bringing so much joy to my life. you deserve the absolute world as much as anyone else, and no one can tell you otherwise. ありがとうね、これからもずっと応援してあげるずら!❤︎

(To the team, I'm not too sure why the post keeps pushing up ;; i usually only tap into the comments of the post to view the number of likes, but i havent changed anything or applied any changes.. just to clarify because i don't want you guys to think i'm just refreshing the post so others will see it more ;;)