March 17, 2019, 6:15 a.m.

This is my own thoughts about Hanamaru:

People keep talking about how good Hanamaru is, but the truth is, of course she is. Except that, the anime producer doesn’t seem to like her. She has the least dialogue in the series, least solo, her character traits where she sings in a choir from G’s Magazine is gone, and her presence in the anime is outshadowed by the other members.

A sad truth to say, but it seems like she wasn’t really being cared at all......

Until you look outside of the anime: 1. She is the UR in both of the SIF fan design contest winner design by ChinChian. Both design are just superb. Not to mention, her other UR are gorgeous too!!!

  1. She has the strongest nesoberi in Puchiguru. The legendary Thank You Friends Hanamaru is there to send smiles to you!! (笑顔にいるズラ!egao ni iru zura!)

3.She has her own 4 panel comic in G’s Magazine!! It talks about Aqours and their daily livens in Hanamaru’s perspective. We get to know her even more through that.

  1. She has a seiyuu that would keep promoting her until she won the 4th single. I’d say Kinchan’s effort did not go in vain. Her words really touched our hearts.

  2. Most importantly, she has the best voice in the group!!! Just go listen to Oyasuminasan!! It will melt your heart!!

To Hanamaru and all her fans out there. Before you ever say Hanamaru is being mistreated, think again. She is being treated really well. She is going to prove that she is worthy by showing off her vocal cords in the 4th single. And she totally deserve it, because she’s the world number cutiepie you will ever get.