March 17, 2019, 2:38 p.m.

Happy birthday Hanamaru! This is late and kind of last minute, but I wanted to share my appreciation and enter the HanamaruFanAwards2019 . I was originally going to share a cosplay that I'm making, but I have yet to finish it so I will just write my appreciation to my best girl.

In many ways, I feel like I'm very similar to Hanamaru. We're both pretty shy, but also very supportive of our friends. On top of that, we both love books and food, as well as idols.

In the beginning, Hanamaru was around the middle of my list. After getting more into the series, however, she jumped straight to best girl out of all the characters in the franchise. I'm really glad they decided to add a character like her, she's just so cute. I constantly crave Hanamaru content, and at a one-day convention back in October, I bought the Aozora nendo on impulse. To this day, she stands guard over all of my memorabilia. Small buttons and pins from conventions, receipts, maps, etc. She also is currently my phone background and resides underneath the case. I bought an Azalea blind box figure, hoping to get her (I got Kanan instead). I even plan on spending more money on merch of her next weekend at a convention, where I'll be cosplaying her.

I cried when Hanamaru was announced to get the 4th single center. Every day I voted for her, holding onto the hope that she would get a single. And she did. I love her solo and her voice in general, and I know that her center will turn out great. She deserves the world, and I will physically fight anyone who says otherwise.

This is my first time posting here. I actually meant to enter other fan awards, but never got around to it. Now is as good a time as any! I would have entered this contest just because it's for Hanamaru, but I couldn't help looking at the prizes. I would be content with even just one of those prizes. I got really excited upon seeing the luggage tag, because I would have an opportunity to use it soon. When I scrolled over the shikishi, I almost cried. I probably won't win this contest, but even just the thought of being able to get one of any of the girls makes me happy.

I plan to start posting here (and elsewhere) more often. If you want to see my Hanamaru cosplay when it's done, I'll be posting some pictures to my Instagram, @sumizumichu.