March 17, 2019, 2:38 p.m.

To Hanamaru chan,

You may not be my best girl but I pity you for not being center in any single that Aqours released...actually tbh...I see that in most songs you are not the center.I voted for you during the 4th Single Center elelction because I realize that every member in Aqours have atleast a chance for being center.I voted for you because I know each single has a story on the centers.I was so happy that you won the elections!Really happy for you! All I wish now is that no matter how hard the challenges you go through,I want you and Kinchan to do your best for the single and 5th Live! You were my first Hanamaru UR i got after getting Yocchan's and Youchan's.You then came back again in your V1 Christmas.You came to my account again,several times.You popped out of the scouting box as SRs while I scout.You made me move you up the ranks of the best girl ranking thus making you in 3rd place! Eventually,you will join Rikochan to be first too!

Love, Rikosenpai544 HanamaruFanAwards2019