About Me:
Hi!!! (something about me)
I had best 7 years journey throughout my SIF career with many top spots. I manage retire the game without any regret. Thanks everyone for the SUPPORT and WISH during my journey

Sky is here, it's really nice to meet you. I really enjoy the love live, community and gameplay, expect KLab. .. ( A player who going too crazy at Hanamaru. Aiming top 5 for every Hanamaru event until I join retirement club )
Here is my background story how I join SIF: I start playing SIF since August 12, 2014. It was during the 5th event (wearing princess token). I started the game before anime which don't have any knowledge of any girls and music. Before Maki, Umi was my first favorite girl, because I liked her hairstyle. Later Hanamaru starting to inspiring me throughout my journey. My casual grinding schedule mostly night time between 9:30 PM - 1:30 AM EST about 2-3 hours during the event time(Mon-Sun). If you send me a message(s) in the game. Unless I am on vacation, your message will definitely reply under 24 hours.

☆Achievements☆(Top 15)
Medley Festival 1 (Maki) - 12th
Medley Festival 4 (Kotori) - 4th
Medley Festival 6 (Kotori/Umi) - 8th
Medley Festival 8 (Kotori) - 6th
Medley Festival 12 (Hanamaru/Kanan) - 2nd
Such a Miracle token (Rin) - 12th
One Dreamy Night token (Yoshiko/Ruby) - 8th
Suki Suki Puwa Puwa token (Hanayo) - 13th
The Same Feeling token (Dia/Yoshiko) - 8th
I want to save you with this song (You/Kanan/Yoshiko/Hanamaru) - 3th
I'll save you (Kanan/Riko/Dia/Yoshiko/Mari/Hanamaru/Ruby) - 3rd
Score Match round 27 (Riko/Ruby) - 14th
Score Match round 29 (Hanamaru/Kanan) - 1st
Score Match round 39 (Hanamaru/Ruby) - 2nd
Score Match round 40 (Chika/You/Mari/Hanamaru/Yoshiko/Kanan/Riko) - 2nd
Adventure Stroll Episode 1 (Dia/Mari) -15th
Adventure Stroll Episode 2 (Hanamaru/Yoshiko) - 1st
Adventure Stroll Epidode 3 (Hanamaru/Riko) - 9th
Adventure Stroll Episode 4 (Dia/Kanan) - 5th
Adventure Stroll Episode 8 (Dia/Hanamaru/Chika/Ruby) - 4th
Adventure Stroll Episode 10 (Hanamaru/Mari) - 3rd
*Companion Match round 7 (Chika/Hanamaru/Mari/You)
- 2nd
Challenge Festival Chapel Series (Chika/Riko/Dia/You/Yoshiko/Hanamaru/Ruby) - 5th

Second place on Hanamaru birthday Competition(2018):
Honorable mention Hanamaru birthday competition(2019):

Top anime girl(overall)
1) Kunikida, Hanamaru (Love Live Sunshine)
2) Ichika Nakano (Gotoubun no Hanayome)
3) Kasumi Toyama (Bang Dream)
4) Foaran, Myucel (Outbreak Company)
5) Miku Nakano (Gotoubun no Hanayome)
6) Rin Shibuya (The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)
7) Megumi Katou (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)
8) Chtholly Nota Seniorious (Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?)
9) Fumika Sagisawa (The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls)
10) Tingel, Rumia (Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records)

What are you doing while grinding SIF?
Killing time. Mostly I watching other people streaming(twitch) or watching anime.

What is your play-style for "School Idol Festival?

Will you aiming top 10-30, either Maki event in the future?
lol, MAYBE!!!!

How do you feel being a high rank(500+) player?
Nothing, it just a rank proofing that I playing a lot (Nothing Special)...

What is your main goal(s) in this game?
Collect all the Hanamaru UR/SSR/SR

Can I add you as the friend in the game?
Yes, but let me know first before you send the friend request(message me). I don't want to add random players which I will ignore the friend request. (IF YOU JUST SENDING FRIEND REQUEST, I WILL DEFINITELY IGNORE IT.)

How come you have that much gems for the event?
I never used my gems for scouting, because of the stupid RNG.

What is the longest hours you have played in a day? (Max. 24 hours)
20 hours straight including 5 minutes break every 3 hours and 2 hours of lunch. (Score match round 29 EN)

Any advice or tips for going top 10?
Trust me. Get at least 10 hours of sleep before the event start.

Besides SIF, Do you play other game(s)?
Yes, mostly Shadowverse or some game on the switch. Also playing Weiss Schwarz IRL.

Beside playing games do you do anything else fun?
Yes, mostly using my free time studying Japanese, reading manga or drawing art. If there any anime convention around me I will definitely go for a visit.

What are your best memories in your SIF career?
(1)I managed 1st place with Saya and Lucky, also did the name train with them.
(2) Manage to finish my Weiss Schwarz deck :D (huge steps).
Weiss Schwarz Deck
(3) Wedding dress Hanamaru from scouting.

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