About Me:
Hi!!! (something about me)
Sky is here, it's really nice to meet you. I really enjoy the love live, community and gameplay, expect KLab. .. ( A player who going too crazy at Hanamaru. Aiming top 5 for every Hanamaru event until I join retirement club )
Here is my background story how I join SIF: I start playing SIF since August 12, 2014. It was during the 5th event (wearing princess token). I started game before anime which don't had any knowledge to any of girls and music. Before Maki, Umi was my first favorite girl, because I liked her hair style. My casual grinding schedule is at night time between 9:30PM - 1:30AM EST mostly about 2-3 hours during the event time(Mon-Sun). If you send me message I will reply under 24 hours. Sorry If I didn't reply your message under 24 hours(unless I am on trip :p).

☆Achievements☆(Top 15)
Medley Festival 1 (Maki) - 12th
Medley Festival 4 (Kotori) - 4th
Medley Festival 6 (Kotori/Umi) - 8th
Medley Festival 8 (Kotori) - 6th
Medley Festival 12 (Hanamaru/Kanan) - 2nd
Such a Miracle token (Rin) - 12th
One Dreamy Night token (Yoshiko/Ruby) - 8th
Suki Suki Puwa Puwa token (Hanayo) - 13th
Score Match round 27 (Riko/Ruby) - 14th
Score Match round 29 (Hanamaru/Kanan) - 1st
Adventure Stroll Episode 2 (Hanamaru/Yoshiko) - 1st

Top anime girl(overall)
1) Kunikida, Hanamaru
2) Maki Nishikino
3) Foaran, Myucel
4) Kasumi Toyama
5) Hatoko Kushikawa
6) Kotori Minami
7) Re=L Rayford
8) Rin Shibuya
9) Chtholly Nota Seniorious
10) Rumia Tingel

What are you doing while grinding SIF?
Killing time. Mostly I am watching other people streaming(twitch) or watching anime.
What is your play-style for "School Idol Festival?
Will you going for top 10-30, either Maki event in the future?
lol, MAYBE!!!!
How do you feel been a high rank(500+) player?
Nothing, it just a rank proofing that I playing a lot (Nothing Special)...
What is your main goal(s) in this game?
Collect all the Hanamaru UR/SSR/SR
Can I add you as friend in the game?
Yes, but let me know first before you send the friend request(message me). I don't want to add random players which I will ignore the friend request.(IF YOU JUST SENDING FRIEND REQUEST, I WILL DEFINITELY IGNORE IT.)
How come you have that much gems for the event?
I never used my gems for scouting, because the stupid RNG.
What is the longest hours you have play in a day? (Max. 24 hours)
20 hours straight + 5 minutes break every 3 hours. (Score match round 29 EN)
Any advice or tips for going top 10?
Trust me. Get at least 10 hours of sleep before event start.

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