March 17, 2019, 2:38 p.m.

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IMG To my ZuraMaru: Zura!!!! Sky here. Today is another year I celebrated Hanamaru's birthday. The character slowly inspiring me after episode 4. I love how you never give up on believing. Your voice is amazing and cute, especially your solo song "Oyasuminasan!". I felt so proud of you winning the 4th center solo. I can't wait to hear your new song.

Let’s do our best cheering her birthday together. (I am not a good writer, but I will give out my best. GanbaRu.. oops I mean GanbaZura.)

SIF and Bandori are the only Idol Gacha game I play. Due to the new event order. Top spot for an Hanamaru event become my new challenge. I am always prepared. On your previous Zura event: Hanamaru/Riko event (Adventure Stroll 3). The event landed on my vacation. I decided to take this as my mission. Every endless grinding night, your motivation keeping me awake. Sadly I can't keep my top 5 promise. My hard work ends on the top 9 (1,097,900 event points)

I had fun when comes SIF scouting. It’s hard getting dream cards from the scouting box, but I will always wait for you to come out from the box. Sometime Gacha game can be depressing. The day before the valentine's day, Halloween Hanamaru came home from scouting box. (The most tickets and gems I spend on Gacha). I didn't give up on the UR, because I always believing that you will come out of the box.

An anime convention is where I spending my money on anime merchandise and card game. I will always buy tons of merchandise especially Hanamaru related. Here is my Hanamaru birthday shrine this year.


I wish you had a wonderful birthday this year. Best luck to everyone on the Hanamaru birthday campaign.

(Fixed my Hanamaru post due to some rule misunderstanding.) . -Zura-