March 17, 2019, 3:56 p.m.


Happy ( very lately posted ) Birthday Hanamaru! I had become so busy with college and life things that I haven't been able to represent any of my anime girls properly, but now it's spring break so I was able to make this!

My first attempt in awhile at making gif things, and I thought it turned out okay! I also made other backgrounds, but I'll show one and link to the variants at the end of this.

Hanamaru has honestly made me pretty happy, especially before going to college. She reminded me of my middle school days where I would always eat lunch in the library and read because I didn't have many friends to sit in the cafeteria with, and if I did they...Didn't really feel like friends, and I thought they'd have a better life without me there, and I told myself I didn't mind that. I never worked in my library in high school ( though in senior year I was a student aid so I helped a bit ) and I didn't have a finding my best friend moment like she did with Ruby until sophomore year.

So when Sunshine was announced and started its anime run, even with me starting to get that happier life for myself, I could connect a bit to how Hanamaru felt in episode four. How the library was a quiet safe haven with worlds you could explore for hours outside your own, and closing a book and leaving that world was always a bit sad. How she wanted the best for her friends and said she wouldn't mind being lonely because of it, but yet she did; she was, she just couldn't honestly say those feelings. My fears and middle school me screamed out, and I grew to love the struggle in that episode and the growth she gained after it ( even if in the rest of the anime it was...mostly comic relief ).

So she became my best girl in Aqours, and ever since I've been scouting for cards on SIF for her as soon as they came on there, listened out for her uniquely cute voice in all of the songs, and she's probably part of what hooked me on Aqours's concept and anime in the first place. So I want to thank her just a tad, from the bottom of my heart, for reminding me of a younger time and how much I've grown from that as well ( and maybe also have some comic relief vibes in me lol ).

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