March 17, 2019, 7:17 a.m.

Title It's best girl's birthday! Time to begin the obligatory birthday post~

Love Letter
I'm not great with my words, but I'll try to express my love for Maru.
Hanamaru was my starter R, and I mainly chose her due to the fact she liked reading. Proceeding that, my first scout on my main resulted in the summer Maru SSR. All aside, I gradually came to like her more and more, from her friendship with Ruby and her love of food and books, I found her very relatable and all-around charming.

Soon enough I fell in love with idols and Maru became a source of comfort. Although she hasn't seen the most character development, the little we have seen with her and Ruby is very relatable and understandable. Thank you Hanamaru for bringing so much happiness to so many people's lives!

Artwork and Edit
This is only my first edit, so I apologise if it looks really bad, but surprisingly I found it really fun!
Sky Kotori -> Hanamaru

And next, is the art. I initially drew this after I scouted for (and failed) constellation Hanamaru. It eventually became more of a stress relief piece. I hope you enjoy it~

Here's a speedpaint of the last few hours:

Happy birthday Hanamaru, and congrats to Kin-Chan for receiving the fourth centre!