March 22, 2019, 3:57 p.m.

To Hanamaru Kudikida,

You stole my heart with your sweet and old-school personality, but you've done much more than have me fall for how endearing you are.

My best friend, along with myself, have tics - her tics are induced by Tourettes' syndrome along with mine. It hurts a lot when people ridicule us for words and actions we can't control.

You, yourself, have tics, and so many people love you for that. You have the charm that makes people like me, and my best friend, feel comfortable. It's what helped us decide to peruse a career as performers and it's the best choice we've ever done, all thanks to you.

Hanamaru, you don't know - but I have synesthesia, sound to color, and hearing your voice, the messages you convey through your music - it just pulls me in and inspires me greatly.

You're helping me look at my perceived flaws as a trait of strength and endurance and I cannot thank you enough for that. I wish more people loved you as you, and not who you aren't.

You taught me that after all, isn't that right, Maru?

I didn't have time to make edits, but I had to write a poem for her. She is a literature girl, right?

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Book on the Top Shelf Written by Belle

I always felt small and nimble, As if I could never embrace myself for the things that seemed so simple. I knew I would never reach the shelf that held a world I wanted to reach.

Countless hours of a good-heart's devotion, encouraging me, with a soft voice. No one had ever told me, but the soft voice had told me, it was all my choice; If I desperately wanted the world on the top-shelf, I didn't need to do it all by myself - to use my voice.

A courageous heart it took me, when I told them all I would do. Those feelings of blue had faded had gone away, and my gratitude to them has stayed, As if it were not for them, I would have not reached that world on the top-shelf that day.