Welcome to my Tomodachi page~!

Idol is love, Idol is life. Live by those words and your life will get better and better with the smile of your favorite idol.

This is probably one of my most played games ever and I play it every single day. Feel free to follow for updates on my ranks during events or new additions to my collection. I also stream on twitch everyday during an event on JP, so if you wanna talk about idols with me feel free to join the chat!

I also mainly Tier 1 every JP event that has came out since the Autumn Nico token event. alt text

Goals in this game:

-Get at least 1 UR of each member from Muse and Aqours on JP SIF


  • Chika:✘
  • Riko: ✓✓
  • You:✓✓
  • Ruby: ✓
  • Yoshiko:✓✓
  • Hanamaru:✓
  • Dia:✘
  • Kanan:✓✓
  • Mari: ✓


  • Honoka:✘
  • Umi: ✓
  • Kotori:✓
  • Rin:✓✓
  • Hanayo: ✓
  • Maki: ✘
  • Nico: ✓✓
  • Eli:✓
  • Nozomi:✓

-At least get top 100 in either Nico, Chika, Kanan or Riko events.

-Tier 1 every event in JP

So far: 40 events.


2 accounts: