hi my name is bella. i'm 17, gay, and i love a women and her name is rin hoshizora


☆ best girls: rin, yoshiko, nico, hanamaru, nozomi, mari, hanayo
☆ nicorin, nozorin, nozonico, yohamaru and youriko are the best gays
☆ crayon, cyber, time travel, autumn, little devil, halloween v2 and the pj set are my favorites
☆ st. snow?? owns me??
☆ guilty kiss is my only reason to live
☆ i'm the living replica of yoshiko tsushima
☆ give me the crayon set or give me death
☆ currently saving for rin's birthday on jp and the crayon set on ww
☆ i'm also really into pokemon, rick and morty, legend of zelda, gravity falls, invader zim and overwatch ( main)



rin > nico > nozomi > hanayo > kotori > honoka > eli > umi > maki
yoshiko > mari > hanamaru > dia > you > riko > kanan > chika > ruby
the only girls i ""dislike"" are chika and ruby, but they still good


i don't know what else to say since i'm bad with words aha. ieolesbian JP is my main account, yoyohane EN is my side ww account, and poshimon JP is my best girl only / oshimen account ohoo
this girl is my lifeline and here is my listography, here's my tumblr and here is my figure collection
that's p much it, thank you for reading all of this and i hope you have a good day!



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