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Gender:Fluid! (Nonbinary) Pronouns: He/Him

Country: Canada Background: Filipino

Occupation: Perpetually Tired Engineering Student

How'd you get into LL?: Found SIF in the first month or so of EN server's life

μ's Oshi: Umi (or Maki on Tuesdays) Aqours Oshi: Riko NijiGaku Oshi: Shizuku

Fave Seiyuu: Rikako Aida stole my teeth

Other series you like?: Bandori (Chisato and Lisa <3) || Kingdom Hearts || Persona (Futaba <3) || YagaKimi/Bloom Into You

Hobbies? I write fanfiction! AO3 username: prismaxle FFN username: SpectrumSpeed but that's outdated What you write?: Ship oneshots. Latest ones are AyaChisa and YukiLisa from Bandori. There are LL! ones in there but they're older and...mostly not very good

What you read?: Mostly also ship oneshots! My fave LL pairs are Yohariko and Umimaki, but all ships are good and some of my favourite pieces are for different pairings.

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day!


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