Just a regular player~ After a long year of tiering events, I'm going to go a little bit easier and just tier for Nico, Pana, Maki, and Umi events, and any others for cards I like. I'm saving the rest of my gems for scouting during Nico UR promo periods! I've gotten lucky twice so far, so let's pray it keeps going.

I'm a music lover! I've been a piano player for 16 years, and I enjoy listening to pretty much any music. I'm a huge Sonic fanboy, and along with that and LoveLive, I'm a fan on K-on! as well.

*Notable Achievements*

7th to get SM11 Nico (3h 34m to obtain)

2nd to get MedFes5 Nico (2h 28m 37s to obtain, 1:25 behind leader)


2 accounts: