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Hello!! My name is Christopher, and I started playing because my friend Age recommended it! I've literally only watched the first season of LLSIF and haven't watched the rest for some reason.

My top three fav µ's girls are Umi, Maki, and Eli! For Aqours, it's Yohane, Riko, and Hanamaru! I might go in depth with all of the girls later on and do a better list??

I finally got an Umi UR after playing for 2 years and I am so happy!


  1. Get an Umi/Maki/Eli UR - Got Circus Maki 8/22/16 | Cafe Maid and White Day Umi 3/13/17 | Christmas V2 Eli 5/25/17

  2. Get a non-promo UR of an Aqours member - Got Valentine's Yohane 1/31/17

  3. Get a Yohane/Riko/Hanamaru UR - Got Valentine's Yohane 1/31/17 | Got Angel Riko 10/14/17 | Got Christmas Hanamaru 10/17/17

  4. Idolize an UR - Idolized Cafe Maid Umi through SSR stickers 3/13/17 | Idolized Initial You through second copy on 7/31/17

  5. Have a team full of URs - Completed 4/12/17

  6. Have an UR of each µ's member

  7. Have an UR of each Aqours member

  8. Tier one in an event - Tiered for Bubbles Umi on EN

  9. Get Cheerleader Umi - Soloed on 6/27/17

My profile picture was made by my friend Cat! She's an amazing artist so please consider looking at her art and following her!

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