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How to Handle a Nico

- These are listed in chronological order, not necessarily the order they were written.
- Parts 1 through 6 are written in style that flashbacks to events that are expanded upon in the earlier chapters. As such, they can act as an index of, or spoilers for said earlier chapters. Either way, I am using them as a bit of an overview for scenes I wish to write.
- These have all been posted to my Tumblr account as well, if you prefer that format.
- The order may change and retcons may be made as I continue to come up with new ideas.
HtHaN: First Photoshoot
HtHaN: Classical K-Pop
HtHaN: Nicomune
HtHaN: Promoshoot
HtHaN: First Christmas
HtHaN: Different
HtHaN: Headrest
HtHaN: Pool Cleaning
HtHaN: How do they do that?
HtHaN: Grassy Knoll
HtHaN: Crossroads
HtHaN: Last Photoshoot
HtHaN: Nico on Ice
HtHaN: Sprawled on Ice
HtHaN: Second Valentine's
HtHaN: Morning
HtHaN: Preparation
HtHaN: First Date
HtHaN: Reconstructed Reunion
HtHaN: Jizenka
How to Handle a Nico 1-4
How to Handle a Nico 5
How to Handle a Nico 6

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Idolsona Fics:

- These are listed in chronological order, not in the order they were written, so the list may jostle around a bit as more are added.
When Yoza met Ryqo
Yoza and Ryqo, Collision Course
Ryqo wants to attend Tomodachi
Summer Festival
When Aelic met Luna
When Aelic met the others
Aelic's Karaoke Night


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