Dec. 3, 2018, 10:49 p.m.

HL Side Story: Unsent - To Kanan and Dia

Primary Pairing: KanaDiaMari
Mentioned Pairing?: a redhead and a blue-haired girl?
Words: ~1.1k
Rating: K
AU: Angelic
Time Frame: Shortly after the graduation of the 3rd years
Story Arc: Stand Alone
Set: “Unsent”

Author's Note: For those who have not read much of Happy Life, might I suggest at least reading How to Fall for a bit of context?

Dear Kanan-chan and Dia-chan,

If you are reading this, then I have made my final ascent and am unable to return here to Earth. I am sorry that you have to learn the truth in this manner, as I would have preferred to have told you in person.

I am an angel.

No, Dia-chan, I’m not being silly or vain. I am literally an immortal being that was born in a heavenly realm. White feathered wings, halo and shiny magic; the whole shebang and caboodle. Maybe if I add enough glitter and sparkles to the delivery method of this letter, it will help you believe?

Yes, Kanan-chan, there was another reason why I insisted on being part of the primary pair for the angelic costume set. It wasn’t just because I thought the outfits were magnificent, though that part was still true.

The blonde pursed her lips. Should she mention that it was the same reason she also had insisted that the redhead be the other half of the pair? No. The redhead herself did not know yet. It didn’t seem fair to reveal the secret to anyone else first. And even if she did find a way to tell the redhead, and the blue-haired girl for that matter, it would be up to them if they wanted anyone else to know.

I’ve visited Earth many times in my life. I’ve seen many things and made many friends. But the first time I visited this one crescent shaped island nation off the coast, I finally found a reason to stay. Two reasons, actually.

So I fell.

Both literally and figuratively.

I love you. Both of you. I gave up eternity for you.

Of course if you’re reading this, eternity may have taken me back. Or maybe it didn’t. Honestly, I don’t know. Despite what a close friend of mine might think, I don’t know everything about how this all works. This letter is really just a failsafe should it come to pass that I am in some way prevented from coming back down again.

But back to more happy happy fun things.

You two mean the world to me. From the moment you welcomed me into your lives years ago, I knew we would be friends forever. And to later learn the extreme measures you both took to look out for my wellbeing, I am truly blessed.

The blonde laughed lightly to herself. She couldn’t help wondering how those two would react if they learned the extreme measures she herself had taken, like faking how long the sprain had taken to heal. She had cast a healing spell on it prior, but since it was already known, she had to pretend that it took the expected time for a mortal to heal naturally. It was rather ironic that something she had tried to do in order to stay ended up being the catalyst for her going away.

Kanan-chan, your love of the ocean is amazing. I would swim with you anywhere. I would swim from here if it was the only way to see you again. Though I’m not going to lie, I would rather fly. I know it took a little while to find that carefree attitude of yours that I loved from before I left the first time, but you’re back to being you again and I cannot tell you happy that makes me. I love that I can always be myself around you.

Or as much as I can in this mortal form, the blonde thought with a smirk.

Dia-chan, your sense of duty is like no other. Sure, you can be strict at times, but I know you always mean well. And your flustered tirades over trivial minutia are always amusing. I look forward to seeing you take over the position as the head of the Kurosawa conglomerate. I know you will do well.

We had another wonderful year together, didn’t we? Helping to reform Aqours was the best thing I’ve done in quite a while. But honestly, just seeing you two again was enough to make me happy.

Well, the restoration of Aqours would have actually been the second-best thing if a certain couple had followed the plan. The blond sighed. Not that it was their fault of course…

So in the end, whatever happens, know that I will always be looking after you in any way I can. And if I truly am unable to return, I shall wait for you here.

Until we meet again.

Forever yours,

The blonde folded the letter and slipped it in an envelope before holding it out with both hands. She uttered an ancient phrase and it began to hover in place. Moving her hands apart, the original letter followed one while a duplicate followed the other. She then spoke another phrase and made a quick gesture. Both letters disappeared in a flash to be filed away in her private storage above and automatically delivered if certain circumstances were met. Finally, she picked up her phone.

SerafinaDellaVerità: Come sono le mie due persone preferite nel mondo?

KurosawaDia: Why Mari?

KurosawaDia: Why can’t you just type in Japanese?

KurosawaDia: Now I have to look that up

Delphinus: Hahahahaha!

Delphinus: I’m good. How are you?

KurosawaDia: I’m fine as well

SerafinaDellaVerità: I’m looking up at the sky

SerafinaDellaVerità: Our sky

Delphinus: I was just about to go out for a dive

Delphinus: But I might take a moment to do the same

KurosawaDia: Give me a moment to walk outside

KurosawaDia: It’s lovely here

KurosawaDia: How does it look over there?

SerafinaDellaVerità: Meraviglioso!

KurosawaDia: Where is the sigh emoticon…

Delphinus: You should be used to looking things up by now, Dia-chan

SerafinaDellaVerità: Esattamente!

KurosawaDia: I wouldn’t have to if you just typed normal

KurosawaDia: Both of you

KurosawaDia: Don’t think I haven’t seen you typing weird stuff as well, Kanan

Delphinus: It’s just Italian

Delphinus: She’s in Italy after all

KurosawaDia: Never mind

SerafinaDellaVerità: So are either of you going to be in town this weekend?

Delphinus: Tokyo or Numazu?

SerafinaDellaVerità: Numazu

Delphinus: I can be

KurosawaDia: I will be

SerafinaDellaVerità: Papa is heading over for some business at the hotels

SerafinaDellaVerità: I figured I’d tag along so I could spend a few days with you two

Delphinus: That sounds great

Delphinus: We should gather Chika and the others as well

Delphinus: They’d love to see you

SerafinaDellaVerità: Maybe one of the nights

SerafinaDellaVerità: But the other I’d like to spend with just the three of us

KurosawaDia: I’m sure we can work something out

SerafinaDellaVerità: Wonderful

SerafinaDellaVerità: I’ll look forward to it

Delphinus: Same here

KurosawaDia: As will I

The blonde smiled as she set down her phone and returned her attention to the sky.