Dec. 3, 2018, 10:49 p.m.

HtHaN Side Story: Unsent - To Honoka

Primary Pairing: TsubaHono
Side Pairing: EreAnju
Words: ~850
Rating: K
Time Frame: Close to Honoka’s graduation from high school
Story Arc: Stand Alone
Set: “Unsent”

Dear Honoka,

You are like the sun. Your brilliant smile radiates warmth that I cannot help basking in. You illuminate my world and I wish to follow like a sunflower.

Tsubasa laughed lightly to herself as she realized she had just reworked lyrics to one of the songs sung by the girl to whom the letter was addressed. But the song had always resonated with her and there was truth in the words she had just written, so she continued.

I have met many enthusiastic people, but none whose energy was so inspiring. None whose smile never fails to make me smile as well. And I doubt I will ever tire of seeing you smile or get excited about something or jump for joy or run headlong toward some new goal. Or just of seeing you.

No sooner do we part than I want to see you again. Every time. Not a day goes by that I do not look forward to the next time I get to see you. From me teaching you how to skate to you teaching me how to bake, from karaoke sessions to movies and from simple snacks to full course meals. All of it is a wonderful adventure leaving me anxious for the next chapter.

Words cannot express my joy that you and your friends continued to be school idols, despite µ’s disbanding. Sharing the stage with you again was honestly the highlight of my year. I am aware that your time as an idol will soon be coming to an end and you will begin focusing your energies on taking over your family business. However, I sincerely hope you will consider my offer to appear as a special guest with Anju, Erena and I from time to time. The fans would love it. I would love it.

Love… A wistful smile came to Tsubasa’s lips. For a letter of this nature, she should probably mention it more. But how? Should she just say it outright? Would it disrupt the flow of things to do so? She sighed. Perhaps it didn’t matter. It wasn’t like she was going to deliver the letter anyway.

I love you. I wish I could bring myself to tell you in person, but I have good reasons for avoiding doing so. Well, at least I hope they’re good reasons. But where I am now, my decisions no longer affect only me. Perhaps someday, conditions will change such that I might be more open with my feelings for you. Someday. And until that day comes, I hope you will continue to let me be a part of your life. I hope you will allow me to continue to bask in your radiant warmth.

Thank you, Honoka, for being my sun.

Yours truly,

“Ah, there you are.” A voice came from the door.

Tsubasa looked up. “Anju?”

“We’re ready to head to practice when you are.” The auburn-haired girl glanced down at the paper in front of the other girl. “Another letter to Honoka-chan?”


Anju sighed and offered a sympathetic smile. “You really should deliver them one of these days.”

“I know…”

“She’d be thrilled. And if she was even half as excited as you said she was when you gave her chocolates back on Valentine’s Day, she’ll probably run laps around the nearest building when you finally ask her out.”

Tsubasa chuckled at the mental image, but… “I think you’re thinking of Rin.”

“But Rin-chan is quite taken.” Anju pointed out.

“No, that’s not quite…” Tsubasa shook her head. “Never mind.”

“Still worried about a scandal that might bring down A-RISE?”

The brunette pursed her lips. “It’s not my career I’m worried about.” She admitted.

“Did you find her?” another voice asked from the hallway.

“Erena-chan.” Anju smiled, greeting her girlfriend.

The tallest member of A-RISE stepped into the room. “Another one?” She inquired, immediately spying the letter. “You really need to just tell her.”

“That’s what I was just trying to say.” Anju nodded. “But she’s still worried about how it will affect us.”

“Don’t.” Erena said bluntly.

Tsubasa balked.

“Anju and I have talked a lot about this. We’ve had a good run together, but if continuing means preventing you from being happy with someone like Honoka, then it may be time to retire.”

“Erena…” The leader of A-RISE breathed.

“Obviously, we’re happy to continue with A-RISE as long as we can.” Anju added. “And we’ll do what we can to keep your relationship a secret like we do ours. But whatever happens, happens. Don’t hold back with her for our sake. We’ll support you two however we can.”

“Anju…” Tsubasa looked back and forth between her two best friends, seeing nothing but encouraging smiles. She took a deep breath. “Alright. Maybe once she graduates in a few weeks.”

“At the ceremony.” Anju suggested.

“Yeah… that sounds like a good plan.” Tsubasa smiled. “I’ll do that.”

“Great.” Erena nodded curtly. “Now can we get on to practice? Anju and I have dinner plans later.”

“Of course.” Tsubasa laughed, stood and made her way over to the other two. “Let’s go.”

Author's Note: I’ve read that Tsubasa isn’t one to care about the popularity of A-RISE or losing fans and as such, I’ve read several fics that bring this belief into play. But that was back in high school. That was back when she was an idol because she wanted to be an idol. Back when she didn’t have to keep the higher ups of a production company happy. Back when money, profit and bottom lines were not involved. Becoming a professional idol is different. I hope her change in attitude here makes sense in the context given.