Dec. 3, 2018, 10:49 p.m.

Happy Life: How to Fall

For some reason, despite having a boat ton of notes concerning scenes I still want/need to write for HtHaN, I thought it would be a good idea to kinda sorta start another one. Maybe. This scene simmered at the back of my mind at work after I found a comment on a previous post I made.

As it's based on the new Riko UR, this is obviously an Aqours fanfic, to counter my current µ's fic. It also qualifies as a supernatural AU, what with the angel theme and all, but like HtHaN, I will try to at least give a nod to canon content. And as a YohaRiko shipper, they are to be the focus, though I will undoubtedly pair off the rest of the group as well. Lastly as with my other fics, the scene itself is in the comments. I will post a link to it in my profile as well, and maybe, someday, even links to other scenes for this fic.

Maybe I'll come back and edit this scene after the matching UR is released. Or maybe I'll write a whole new scene. Deities only know.