Dec. 3, 2018, 10:52 p.m.

How to Handle a Nico: Reconstructed Reunion

Yes, yes, before anyone says anything, I am aware that yet again I have Honoka pushing for a µ’s reunion. However, I did make mention of this fact as early as when I wrote HtHaN 3. In the world of HtHaN, Honoka is one of the main driving forces behind keeping µ’s together after disbandment. Not that anyone in the group particularly wants to drift apart, but as someone who has personally lost touch with old friends due to time, distance and life situations, I know how quickly a year or two can go by before realizing that you haven’t so much as sent a txt to someone. As such I fully intend to continue using these reunions as a plot devices when I need them. ^_^

As usual, the scene is in the comments and links to other scenes can be found on my profile.