Dec. 3, 2018, 10:49 p.m.

How to Handle a Nico: Unsent - To Nico

Primary Pairing: NicoMaki
Words: ~930
Rating: K
Time Frame: Late in Maki’s 1st and Nico’s 3rd year in college
Story Arc: Stand Alone
Set: “Unsent”

Dear Nico-chan,

I love you

Blushing furiously, Maki crumpled the paper and tossed it in the waste bin. No sooner had the wad hit the bottom of the basket, then the redhead had launched herself toward it in order to snatch the ruined letter back. She couldn’t leave it there. What if the housekeeper found it? What if someone read it?

Wait, she didn’t have a housekeeper in her dorm, Maki was responsible for keeping things clean on her own. Truth be told, however, Nico probably cleaned the room more than she did, chastising her every single time. What if Nico found the letter? What if Nico read it?

But it was a letter to Nico… She was supposed to read it.

Actually, no, Nico wasn’t supposed to read this. This was supposed to be an angry letter that would never be sent. The two of them had had another fight earlier today and writing a letter was something Maki’s father had taught her long ago. It ended up being something she had found useful several times when dealing with people like Nico, or just people in general. So why the heck had this one turned into a love letter? On the first line no less?

For that matter, Maki was definitely not the love letter writing type. Love letters were for sappy romance novels, not for real life. She could envision someone like Kotori or Hanayo writing a letter, but not herself. And Nico. Nico would write a love letter. And probably sign it Nico-nii or something. And draw cute little hearts or other doodles in the margins.

Well, either way, this was a letter Maki had little intent on sending. Perhaps she should just see it through. It could be like a thought experiment. Or a writing experiment. Or whatever. That said, the one in her hand was no good and was bound for the burnables. She would have to start over. Additionally, a love letter called for something better than just plain paper. Rummaging through her desk, Maki found some cutesy paper that someone, likely Nico, had given her at some point. Perfect.

Dear Nico-chan,

I think I might love you. Maybe.

That was alright, right? Maki willed her heartrate to slow as she placed her pen back to the paper.

Honestly, I believe I may have loved you for a while now. I’m sorry I did not notice sooner. No, scratch that. I am sorry I have denied it for so long.

Maybe it was pride. Pride that wondered why someone like me would fall for someone like you. But that’s not really fair, is it? Certainly, I am intelligent enough to get good grades, but when you put forth the effort, you can as well. And your knowledge of idols is second to none. Your knowledge concerning food and its preparation is suburb. Your knowledge of fashion and accessories can keep up with Kotori and Eli. Your knowledge of how to deal with people, particularly those younger than you, is amazing. You’re amazing. And anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

Maybe it was fear. Fear of what my parents might think. Fear that dating me would ruin your chances at becoming a professional idol. Fear that I would focus too hard on my schooling and you would lose interest. Or worse, fear that despite all of your clinginess and supposed confessions, that maybe it was all just teasing; just a ruse to get a rise out of me. Fear that moving past a certain point would risk losing my best friend. Because you are, Nico-chan. Becoming friends with you is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

I know we don’t get to see each other in person as often as we used to. But I want you to know that I treasure the time we spend together. Even when we fight. We’re two very different people who are not afraid to butt heads over our differences. And we do generally find a compromise. And despite what some might think, we don’t always fight. Just as often we talk about stuff or sit quietly through a movie or listen to music or whatever.

I have no idea how soon I will have the courage to deliver this letter, or if I ever will. However, I would much rather say all of this to you in person. Soon. I hope.

That all said, I would like to end by saying thank you. Thank you for all of the wonderful meals. Thank you for supporting me when I needed it. Thank you expanding my appreciation of music. Thank you for all the help so I could share my music with so many people. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being you, Nico-chan.

I look forward to the next time I see you. And I hope to spend more and more time with you from here on out.


Maki’s phone buzzed.

NicoNii: I’m sorry

Maki smiled. What interesting timing.

NishikinoMaki: I’m sorry as well

NicoNii: Dinner over here tomorrow?

NicoNii: Nozomi and Eli will both be here

NicoNii: Also, Nozomi found a new game she wants to try

NishikinoMaki: Sounds good

NishikinoMaki: I’ll head over after class

NicoNii: See you then!

NicoNii: Have a good night

NishikinoMaki: Good night, Nico-chan

Still smiling, Maki carefully folded the page she had just written. She then opened her desk drawer, opened one of the many Misc file folders and slid the letter into it. Finally, she closed the drawer, grabbed her textbook and began studying.

Author's Note: Perhaps this is what Maki looked like in this scene?
Maki Letter