Dec. 3, 2018, 10:49 p.m.

Happy Life: Unsent - To Yoshiko

Primary Pairing: YohaRiko
Words: 940
Rating: K
AU: Angelic?
Time Frame: Sometime during their college years
Story Arc: Stand Alone
Set: “Unsent”

Dear Yocchan,

I love you.

Now why the heck was it so easy to write, but so hard to say? It was such a simple phrase; just a few syllables. Why did her tongue freeze the moment her gaze met those brilliant magenta eyes? Well, that wasn’t entirely true, she could speak quite easily with Yoshiko about pretty much anything, even things she wouldn’t talk about with her own mother. Anything except this; likely the most important thing she needed to say now. Riko sighed and continued writing.

But you know, it’s strange. Though I’ve only recently come to realize it, I cannot help feeling like I’ve loved you for a long time. As in longer than we’ve known each other. As in possibly in another life. And the longer we live together, the stronger this feeling becomes. As random and eclectic as you like to believe you are, I feel like I’ve already seen it all and I can almost predict much of it.

But don’t think I’m saying you’re not special. You absolutely are special, Yocchan. And while you often have a flair for the dramatic, I’ve come to enjoy your unique way of looking at the world and yourself. Honestly, I envy the confidence with which you typically hold yourself, particularly Yohane. And though I admire how well you handle your misfortune, I am pleased to see that things have improved over the years. But what truly shines about you is your smile. To borrow a bit of your theatrics, you could command a whole host of angels with that smile of yours. Or legion of demons, I suppose, if you prefer.

And behind all the theatrics and bravado is one of the kindest hearts I’ve ever known. For proof, one need look no further than your treatment of stray animals. The lengths to which you will go to ensure their wellbeing is nothing short of incredible and the bond you form with many of them is endearing. I hope we might find an apartment someday that will allow you to keep one or two for yourself.

I know I’ve told you this before, but I am truly happy you agreed to live with me here. While I have no doubt that I would have fared fine on my own, the life and energy you bring to this place is irreplaceable. It’s wonderful knowing that after a long day of classes with strangers, someone I care about will be with me at home afterward. I love watching you get engrossed in an intense game. I love seeing you get excited about some new design technique you’re studying. I love how passionate you are about your streams and how diligently you tend to your fanbase. And I love having a dedicated audience and kindly critic when I am working on my music.

And then there is your sense of taste. It may be a strange thing to compliment, but you have no idea how comforting it is to know that no matter what, the food I prepare will be eaten. It’s liberating to not have to worry about some silly little mistake ruining everything. And I must admit that it is rather amusing when you end up preferring the mistake over the intended result. It’s a trait that just fits you so well. And I love it.

Finally, Yocchan, I want you to know that you are a wonderful and cherished friend. And perhaps someday, you might consider being more than friends. W̶e̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶l̶d̶

Riko paused as a scene from the manga she had read earlier in the day flashed through her mind. Was she really about to write… that? How embarrassing. She felt her cheeks flush and she quickly scratched out the words.

Of course, for better or worse, Yoshiko already knew about her favorite genre of manga; apparently had known since their first trip to Tokyo back in high school. And the younger girl seemed fine with it, or at least not put off by it. If anything, she seemed fond of teasing Riko about it. So, maybe it was alright to include that here?

No. Riko shook her head. This wasn’t that kind of love letter.

She quickly scanned what she had written thus far. This was good enough, right? Sure, it was a little rough, but it was just a first draft. And it wasn’t like she was going to be giving it to Yoshiko right now. There was time to refine it. However, she should probably at least sign it.

Your favorite little demon,

Riko’s phone vibrated.

TheFallenAngel: The Fates have decreed there shall be a change in plans!

SakurauchiRiko: Oh?

TheFallenAngel: Indeed

TheFallenAngel: By utilizing unanticipated yet exceptional markdowns, Yohane has procured all the material components necessary to cast hellfire upon an otherwise heavenly curry dish!

Riko laughed.

SakurauchiRiko: How about casting mere mortal fire on an earthlier curry dish?

TheFallenAngel: I suppose we could do that instead

TheFallenAngel: The material components are similar enough

SakurauchiRiko: You can still cast hellfire on your own servings though

TheFallenAngel: And Riri will try a bite?

Riko chewed her lip.

SakurauchiRiko: We’ll see

TheFallenAngel: Very well

TheFallenAngel: Yohane shall return presently

SakurauchiRiko: See you in a bit

Riko smiled to herself as she folded the letter she had just completed. She then stood and made her way over to her shelf. There, she selected an old, worn book, slipped the letter between its pages and put it back in its place. Finally, she headed for the kitchen to do some preparation for when Yoshiko came with the rest of what was needed for dinner.

Author's Note: Don't worry, Riko, Yohane will still eat it:
Riko Baking