Dec. 3, 2018, 10:51 p.m.

How to Handle a Nico: Nicomune

Another scene inspired by new cards being released. I've seen some mixed reviews on the new Nico Promo card, and to be honest, I think it's cute, in a "trying a bit too hard to make 'x' genre of costume cute" kind of way. But that is kind of what Nico does; try too hard to be cute, when she really is cute just as she is. That's actually one of the things I like about her character. In any case, I doubt it will ever rise to be my favorite Nico card, but I will likely still rotate her into my teams every so often when she comes to EN.

The scene is in the comments of this post and links to other scenes can be found on my profile page.


Edit: Keep those complaints coming about Nico's new card! If I can imagine Maki saying them and Nico countering them, I may edit the scene to include them. ^_^