Dec. 3, 2018, 10:52 p.m.

How to Handle a Nico: First Christmas

Now that the gift has been revealed with a link to my original post on Tumblr, I will add it to my collection here as well. ^_^

This scene is a follow up to Promoshoot, even if it takes place a number of weeks later.

As this is intended to appeal to more than just my fellow NicoMaki fans, I tried to include more interactions with the other girls. The rest of my favorite ships apply; NozoEli, KotoUmi and RinPana. In the overall world of HtHaN, HonoTsuba is the other pairing involving µ’s members, but at this point in the timeline, there hasn’t been enough interaction for me to include it the way I would want here.

This scene is in the comments and links to the other scenes can be found on my profile.