I'm a self-proclaimed whale for Nozomi. Retiring from massive gem purchases in the advent of adjusted prices.

Officially started playing during EN Bloodbath Umi, made account during Score Match 3 (Hanayo). EN is main, ignore wishlist. JP is mostly F2P, with packs purchased. HALLOWEEN IS THE BEST SET NO QUESTIONS ASKED

μ's: Nozomi > Rin + Honoka > Hanayo. Aqours: Kanan + You + Dia + Chika. Hanamaru is relatable.

An example in allowing someone who often feels terrible any access to money. Non-idolized SRs will not be displayed in Deck. Of course I like the game enough to shower money on to it but it is always, always budgeted for.

Notable trait: Trash tier stamina for events; if I get top 100 I'm going ham here.

6TH in Score Match 22 Monkey Nozomi


2 accounts: