Filthy secondary animufag who doesn't have time to read mangoes and ranoobs, paranormal & military documentary enthusiast, doujin/indie music, J-Pop junkie. Figure/Nendoroid collector.

Also prone to tactical and turn-based RPG addiction. Riddled with misfortune. Also a yes-man.

Likes cates and doges alike. But more on cats. And food. Lots of food.

Shun Kurosaki best N grill.

Notable Achievements:

  • 9th place - Score Match Rd. 1 (Maid Maki)

  • 10th place - Score Match Rd. 7 (Hanami Maki)

  • 5th place - The Mysteries of Otonoki (Ghost Maki) -- tied

  • 2nd place - Score Match Rd. 13 (Goddess Hanayo)

  • 9th place - Medley Festival Rd.1 (Santa Maki)

  • 8th place - Score Match Rd.16 (Bunny Nozomi)

  • 2nd place - Our Best Smile (Military Maki) -- four-way tie

  • 2nd place - Score Match Rd.20 (Explorer Umi & Rock Maki) -- tied

  • 3rd place - Challenge Festival Rd.1 (Easter Maki)

  • 3rd place - Challenge Festival Rd.4 (Matsuri Maki & Umi) -- four-way tie


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