Hi there :D I don't know what to write about myself, so i write about how i get to LL instead ^_^

I am a massive fan of Nan-chan (Nanjou Yoshino, Eli's seiyuu) and fripside since my high school days. I am usually the type of person who dislike the kind of girl-idol thingy. But in 2014, by chance, i read an interview with Nan-chan about LL and became interested in it. Then i started to watch the anime and fell in love with the songs in it. The rest is history~~

My favorite girl and the reasoning is pretty obvious (no bias here :P)

-- Ultimate Goals --

  • Achieved top 10 for all 18 girls (Currently 15/18)

~~ Notable Achievements ~~

  • 5th Place on Jewelry Eli
  • 17th Place on Bunny Nozomi
  • 4th Place on Hinamatsuri Eli
  • 10th Place on Flower Viewing Umi
  • 6th Place on Military Maki
  • 4th Place on Detective Hanayo
  • 20th Place on Apparition Nico
  • 7th Place on Momotarou Honoka
  • 6th Place on Masquerade Eli/Track Field Rin
  • 8th Place on Rainy Days ChikaRiko
  • 11th Place on Steampunk Eli / Vampire Honoka
  • 2nd Place on Tanabata RubyDia
  • 10th Place on Easter Maki
  • 9th Place on Sunflower HanaYou
  • 11th Place on Setsubun Kotori
  • 6th Place on Gothic YohaRuby
  • 3rd Place on New Years YohaMari
  • 6th Place on Children's Day Nozomi

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