Hey, I'm Lia, mostly known as Wave. (But I'm TsUNaMy WaVe almost everywhere)

I found out about LL! somewhere in July-August 2015, and started playing SIF on September 2015.

My best girl is Eri. From the beginning, and until the end. My other favorite girls are Umi, Maki and Nozomi.

I'm P2Play but I only aim for Eri cards - I scout only when Eri is the featured UR. I used to scout the April-July pickup box a lot too, but since I got my dream card, fruits Eri idolized, I stopped.

I play casually in most of the events, except for Eri's events where I aim to be as high as possible.

You can find me on twitter, reddit or at Otonokizaka.org forum. In game I also use the OTK tag. My main account is on EN, and I use my JP account for practice and extra fun :)


☆ Rank 8 on Medley Festival 3 - Hinamatsuri Eri (Feb. '16)

☆ Rank 3 on Score Match 19 - Masquerade Eri (June '16)

☆ Rank 3 on Medley Festival 7 - Steampunk Eri (Sep. '16)

☆ Rank 62 on Don't Let Me Go You Are My Love - Rock Eri (Apr. '17)

☆ Rank 4 on Medley Festival 13 - Apparition Eri (Sep. '17)

☆ Rank 5 on Challenge Festival 7 - New Year Eri (Apr. '18)

☆ Rank 46 on Challenge Festival 10 - Festival Eri (Aug. '18)

☆ Rank 9 on In Each Other's Eyes - Soldier Eri (Sep. '18)


★ SSS in all of the A-side hards (already done: a lot)

★ Top 10 every Eri event from now on (already done: 4)

★ ~~At least one copy of any new Eri UR (Or maybe not? KLab accelerating really mess everything up)~~ nevermind I can't whale anymore...

Eri cards count:

URs: 11

SRs: 31


2 accounts: