I'm Madison and Love Live has consumed my life. I started playing in late May of last year and have been obsessed ever since. I'm into a lot of other things too and I'm open to chatting about any of them.

Also I do some Aqours edits over on my Tumblr.


  • Current Goal: Scout for Ruby in the Valentine's set! And maybe get the Chika or Riko if I'm lucky they're BEAUTIFUL

    • EN: Scout for Cheerleader Chika then save for New Year Ruby!
  • Best N girl: Sakura! Then Yuuka and Misaki too. Then the Konoe sisters. And most of the international school girls. I also like Sakuya since she's Sakura's sister. And a LOT more.


Kotori Nozomi Rin

  • Best Girls: Kotori, Nozomi & Rin with Umi a super close fourth, but I love them all

  • Ships: KotoUmi OTP plus NozoEli and RinPana. I like NicoMaki too

  • Favorite Mini Idol Unit: lily white

  • Favorite Songs: Anemone Heart, Anone Ganbare, Spicaterrible, Binetsu Kara Mystery, Wonderful Rush, Wonderzone, Music Start, Love Wing Bell, Snow Halation, Start:Dash, Aishiteru Banzai (makes me cry though,) Shunjou Romantic, NO EXIT ORION, Psychic Fire + more

  • Dream Card: Victorian Kotori Other favorites include the matching Nozomi, the KotoRin set URs, the KotoUmi set URs, and China Dress Kotori


Ruby Chika Riko

  • Best Aqours Girls: Ruby and Chika and Riko! But I love them all.

  • Ships: YOHARUBY, DiaMaru, KananMari and all three of the second years together.

  • Favorite Mini Idol Unit: CYaRon! But I love all three

  • Favorite Aqours Songs: Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM, Mattete Ai no Uta, Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no, Strawberry Trapper, Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss, Tokimeki Bunruigaku, Mijuku DREAMER + more

  • Favorite Aqours Seiyuu: I've been getting to know more about the Aqours seiyuu than the original group so I decided to list my faves here. They're all so good though. Aiai is probably my fave. She won me over with this, then maybe Anchan? And all the seiyuu of my best girls really

Also I'm on Bandori.party now: http://bandori.party/user/676/QueenofYlisse/


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