No that's not my real birthday, I just want to see the new tab.

SSR Pairs (those I could stitch)

Hanayo with glasses

Things I'm saving for:

  • Screw it I'm bad at saving, I hit 50 gems, I see a nice set, I scout.

Favourite girls (in no particular order):

  • Umi: Her voice, and the fact that her main colour is blue, which is my favourite colour.

  • Rin: Cats are my life, also she sings well.

  • Hanayo: She was my starter, plus she's so innocent and sweet. In one of her side stories she says she's indecisive... just like me.

  • Hanamaru: Firstly, books. Secondly, I love how excited she gets when she sees new things. Thirdly her singing voice is great, I love the lower voices.

  • Yoshiko: Comedy gold, I think the 'demon' part of her personality is interesting. Also her voice as Yohane is lovely, can't wait to hear more of it in songs.

When will I stop having 1st year pairings as my favourites? Maybe never.

First Cards:

  • SR: #395 "Maid to Order" Maki

  • Event SR: #558 "Two-Player Catch" Rin

  • Idolised SR: #555 "Surprising White Day" Nico

  • Smile SSR: #952 "Messenger of Joy" Hanamaru

  • Pure SSR: #950 "An Idol and a Swimmer" You

  • Cool SSR: #940 "Similar Tastes" Umi

  • Smile UR: #531 "Give It All" Nozomi

  • Pure UR: #634 "Magician Kotori" Kotori (lol)

  • Cool UR: #358 "Happy Where I Am" Maki

  • Idolised UR: ...in my dreams, perhaps.

2016 Special Event: When will this suffering end


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