Jan. 16, 2019, 3:23 p.m.

Kurosawa Dia Birthday Giveaway

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Congratulations to our winners!

They will receive a prize of their choice among the Dia-themed goodies we offer. You can see the list of prizes with pictures in the original giveaway post.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! We loved your entries!

The birthdays of Koizumi Hanayo (January 17), Nakasu Kasumi (January 23), Emma Verde (February 5), Matsuura Kanan (February 10), Uehara Ayumu (March 1) and Kunikida Hanamaru (March 4) are coming soon, so look forward to that as well!


#1 Waifuexpert


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#2 otakuchicken


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#3 Winterbunny12


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Staff pick winner


1500 points
  • r0lan (Maji Love staff): "I love your drawing and your enthusiasm for Dia! Your ita bag is also very cute, and I hope it grows wonderfully!"
  • BlakeW1995 (Donator): "It has nice drawing and lovely sketch on Dia. Cool cosplay of Dia and a Fantastic Song Cover on 'White First Love'."
  • Hoshino☆ (Member of the judges panel;School Idol Tomodachi staff): "This entry gets my first place spot simply because of the different medias they use to express their love for Dia. Art, covers, cosplay and so much more was used to simply convey one message: that Dia means so much to them. If that isn’t passion nor effort, I don’t know what is! It’s clear that they want us, their audience, to try our best to understand their feelings so they go through many lentghs to do so. This is someone who genuinely wants the world to try understanding why they hold this one girl so dearly to them, and they’ve succeeded. "
  • Elililililili (Artist), Aoi (Artist;Graphic designer;Translator) and Memoly (School Idol Tomodachi staff) also liked this entry.

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Honorable mentions

  • jesa - See activity

    • r0lan (Maji Love staff): "Your hama beads creation had TOTALLY won me over! I am like really impressed with the effort for this, it looks good! I also like your passion for her, and I quite like your editing skills for the wallpaper/gif too."
    • tinymoon (Member of the judges panel;Artist): "I love the iron-bead art and the gif they made, and they expressed how much they like dia with so much detail!"
    • db0 (Developer): "The beads piece you made is lovely! It's a very nice and original idea and so much better than any kind of merch you can buy, because home made items are the best. Your best girl Dia would love it!"
    • Aoi (Artist;Graphic designer;Translator) also liked this entry.
  • BrilliantlyReckless - See activity

    • Memoly (School Idol Tomodachi staff): "It was a touching short fanfic that showed the writer's love for Dia :)"
    • tinymoon (Member of the judges panel;Artist): "This is so creative and well written, I've not seen many entries like this! I love it!"
    • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff;Donator): "Some really creative and inspiring writing went into that fanfic"
    • rubylovebot (Member of the judges panel) also liked this entry.
  • Winterbunny12 - See activity

    • tinymoon (Member of the judges panel;Artist): "Making a cake is such a wonderful idea! and they seem to love dia so much!"
    • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff;Donator): "The nesoberi birthday party photos are amazing!"
    • db0 (Developer): "I loved the way you started loving Dia and what you like about her. I can relate to most feelings you had towards her. But of course what I loved the most about your entry is how you really wanted to actually do something for her birthday and made a cake for her - which looks delicious - and organized a party with your nesoberis. The improvised shrine on your desk looks awesome and we can really see you spent a lot of time organizing it for the picture. I hope you'll be able to get a full time Dia shrine soon!"
    • Elililililili (Artist) also liked this entry.
  • Diariko - See activity

    • r0lan (Maji Love staff): "I am no artist, but there is something really appealing with your art! I like it a lot! Good luck in future Dia scouting."
    • rdsathene (School Idol Tomodachi staff;Donator): "The art, ita bag, etc. just seemed to hit all the categories we're suppose to judge on."
  • kittenpoof - See activity

    • Memoly (School Idol Tomodachi staff): "Love the art style!"
    • Hoshino☆ (Member of the judges panel;School Idol Tomodachi staff) also liked this entry.
  • AnnieNewYears - See activity

    • kyuchiin☆ (Member of the judges panel;Graphic designer): "I love their poem and their love for Dia!"
  • [email protected] - See activity

    • Aoi (Artist;Graphic designer;Translator) liked this entry.
  • TaishoLover - See activity

    • db0 (Developer): "I can see you spent a lot of time on these 2 pieces of artwork and they look very cute. The art style suits Dia very well. I love them."

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