hello, i'm charlie! i go by he/him and my LL faves are hanayo, kanan and kasumi, but i also really like umi, nico, emma and shizuku!

i edit and draw sometimes. i mainly post my works on twitter, but i tend to repost LL stuff here too. i have idol ocs too and while i don't post about them often, i love them very much! feel free to ask about them.

i've been into LL since 2016 and started playing the game on march 7th, 2018. LL is still one of my main interests, but i also really like idolish7, mahoyaku, project sekai, etc!

if you would like to add me in-game, my ID is 0099118874 !

thank you for reading, have a nice day! ♡

posts i'd like to save -

1. BT umi, loveca maki and support member kanan
2. hanayo birthday post - 2019

2 accounts: