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please read my carrd, i'm bad with introductions ;w;

A few good posts I've made:

1. GALAXY HidE and SeeK's lyrics
2. BT Umi, Loveca Maki and Support Member Kanan
3. Hanayo Birthday Giveaway Post - 2019

Heyy welcome! The name's Aoi, and I'm a Love Liver from Spain. I don't really have an introduction but you can read this description. If you've got any interests outisde of LL!, let me tell you that I'm also into Bandori, DDLC, Vocaloid, Hetalia and Steven Universe. I also enjoy anything country related!

I love the singer Lenka with all of my heart so bear with me.

My best girls and Subunits are:

µ's: Hanayo > Umi > Nico > Honoka > Rin = Kotori > Maki > Nozomi = Eli [OUTDATED]

Aqours: Kanan = Mari > Dia = You > Yohane = Hanamaru > Chika > Riko = Ruby [OUTDATED]

PDP: Emma > Ayumu > Shizuku = Ai > Karin = Kanata = Rina > Setsuna

5th Project (Normals): Rebecca, Maria, Marika, Isabella, Ranpha, Mutsuki

printemps > lily white = BiBi

AZALEA > CYaRoN! = Guilty Kiss

A-RISE and Saint Snow best girls are Anju and Seira btw/

(but I love them all! ♡)

Currently saving for: Forest Camp Kanan/Hanayo's Birthday


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That's all. Have a nice day and bye!

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